CIHHV-6 Clinical Research Network & Repository
Welcome to the CIHHV-6 Registry

This website aims to bring patients, clinicians and researchers together to learn more about chromosomally integrated human herpesvirus 6 (ciHHV-6), which affects about 1% of the population.

The CIHHV-6 Registry was formed by an international group of research scientists and clinicians interested in studying ciHHV-6. Patients can fill out a survey about their medical history and ciHHV-6 status, and physicians can sign up to receive more information on testing and clinical trials.
Joining the registry will help researchers identify and recruit physicians and patients who are eligible for participation in future research studies. Information contained within this registry will be used for recruitment to research studies directed at improving our knowledge of ciHHV-6. The work of the researchers cannot occur without the partnership with patients.

If you or your family member has ciHHV-6, please take a moment to join our patient registry. Your protected information will help scientists better understand ciHHV-6, and we will keep you informed about the growing research on ciHHV-6. The contact registry is anonymous and free of charge.

After registering, email your test results to Contact us if you have questions about ciHHV-6 and the registry.

The registry is overseen by an international committee of scientists and clinicians and is supported by the HHV-6 Foundation.